Honeymoon Destinations in December

Romantic honeymoons in December could be anything from magical Christmas markets and culture in European cities through to long haul summer sun in the southern hemisphere. Expect prices to be fairly high in December, so book as far in advance as possible to get the best prices available.

Northern hemisphere

Christmas in RomeCities in the Northern hemisphere can be full of Christmas magic at this time of year, with Christmas markets offering delicious hot mulled wine to take the chill away from the bright winter sunshine.

For something different, consider Sweden’s Ice Hotel, the world’s largest hotel made completely of ice, opening to winter guests at the beginning of December. You can even opt to spend a night in the hotel’s unique ‘cold’ accommodation, where you sleep in your thermals on an ice block and reindeer skin bed. December is a great time to experience the romantic beauty of the Northern Lights.

Southern hemisphere

The southern hemisphere is well into summer in December. The Caribbean islands are enjoying warm, dry weather and are at their busiest in December (you may find the crowds a little quieter at the beginning of the month). Barbados is a lively island soaked in tradition and culture, with a fantastic atmosphere during the festive period. Jamaica offers a host of outdoor activities and you can find a more secluded and peaceful style of resort near any of the three Cayman Islands’ beautiful white beaches and clear seas. Head to Costa Rica to combine cool highlands and cloud forests with beautiful warm beaches.

Sydney Harbour Panorama

It is also summertime in Australia and New Zealand, where you can experience spectacular scenery, romantic islands, vibrant cities, mountains, glaciers, rainforests and delicious food and wine.

Mexico is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who love warm and dry weather. Explore Mayan ruins and pyramids, modern resorts, fantastic beaches and delicious Mexican cuisine.

South East Asia enjoys little rain and a comfortable heat in December, and the monsoon season has cleared by this time of year. Explore the bustling city of Bangkok and sandy beaches in the South of Thailand, or escape the crowds to the less developed beaches of Cambodia.

There is a world of opportunity for romantic honeymoons in December, with plenty of festive fun and Christmas cheer thrown in to the bargain. Tis the season to be jolly!