Honeymoon Destinations In April

Take a leaf out of William and Kate’s book with an April wedding, and find the perfect romantic April honeymoon at home or abroad.

Springtime in the UK

Edinburgh CastleApril in the UK is notoriously changeable, with weather ranging from bright, warm spring sunshine to damp wind and rain. Honeymooners would be advised to pack for both, and plan both inside and outside activities to choose depending on the weather. Southern locations such as Cornwall and Devon probably offer the most reliable spring weather, however trips North to the Scottish cities of Glasgow or Edinburgh offer opportunities for cultural delights and natural beauty without the hustle and bustle found during the height of the tourist season.

Short haul to find spring sunshine

The Mediterranean in April is enjoying the long sunny days of spring. Many resorts will still be fairly quiet, but gearing up for the summer season. Bear in mind, however that the sea may still be slightly too chilly for swimming.

In fact, for lovers of city and culture destinations, April must be one of the best times to visit any of the European cities as the weather has a tendency to be variable but mild, and the summer crowds have not yet arrived.

There are so many other places to choose from that will offer short haul honeymooner’s beautiful warm spring sunshine. For example, the Greek islands, Cyprus, Italy, Croatia, Turkey or France.

Marrakech, Morocco

Still short haul but travelling slightly further afield, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco or North Africa all offer more guaranteed warmth and sunshine without the oppressive heat that is sometimes experienced in the summer months.

Long haul all the way to summertime

If you are looking for far flung exotic adventures or summer heat, then a long haul honeymoon is for you in April. Destinations range from golf and spa luxury in Bermuda to rainforest treks and volcanoes in Costa Rica.

For sun drenched beach holidays, try Miami, Palm beach and Florida, or Cuba, Grenada or Jamaica. The Caribbean is still generally experiencing good weather but the height of tourist season is finishing, which means that it will be less crowded.

Adventure honeymoons can be found in places such as Guatemala and Belize, where you can combine beaches with jungle treks, ancient Mayan ruins, and mountains. It is turtle hatching season in Brazil, where you can also swim with wild dolphins.

Notes for travelling in April

Remember the Easter school holidays often fall in April, so check the dates before travelling as it can inflate prices hugely, and some destinations may crowded.