Honeymoon Destinations in August

Europe and short haul

Lake Como, ItalyContinental Europe, at the peak of its tourist season, can be hot and crowded in August. However if you venture off the beaten track you will still be able to escape the crowds for some peaceful time in beautiful surroundings. For example, Italy offers a huge variety of classic honeymoon experiences, from beach resorts, luxury city hotels, chalets on the edge of lakes and, although there will be no snow, ski resorts that offer ample opportunity to exploring the beautiful romantic mountain scenery.

Also a short flight from the UK you will find the romantic lakes and mountains of Switzerland, or the spa towns of the Black Forest in Germany.

Long haul

Honeymooners in Zanzibar, a stunning island off the coast of Tanzania, can enjoy beautiful blue turquoise sea, scuba diving, or exploring the island’s main town of Stonetown followed by a spice tour through local villages to learn about the island’s culture and history.

Wildlife watching

Active and safari honeymoons are fantastic in August – Botswana’s Chobe National Park is full of giraffes, elephants and safari wildlife in search of natural waterholes, making for incredible honeymoon snaps!

While it is winter in South Africa, August is the height of the whale birthing season. Game viewing in South Africa’s Botswana’s Chobe National Park is ideal in August as the weather is dry, the grass is short and the wildlife converge on the natural water holes, making the animals easy to spot. For a slightly warmer safari, consider Kenya or Tanzania where the wildebeest migration season is in full swing.

Island hopping

LagoonAugust is a perfect time to visit the South Pacific, where it is still the dry season. These paradise islands are sure to provide a truly incredible honeymoon experience, with literally hundreds of islands to choose between, each with gently swaying palm trees lining the beaches, brilliant turquoise lagoons and lush volcanic scenery.

Winter adventures

Although August is mid-winter in the southern hemisphere, if you’re looking for a bit of adventure then it’s a great time to visit. For example, with jaw dropping glaciers, fjords, mountains and islands, winter is a great time to enjoy an adventure honeymoon in New Zealand, where the weather will be cool but the days beautiful and clear.


August is festival time in many countries, including Independence day on 17 August in Bali, the start of the three month long ‘Ahola’ dance, music and history festival in Hawaii, the fantastic Edinburgh festival for theatre, comedy and music or the scorching Nevada desert in the USA for the Burning Man festival.

If you can’t take the heat…

Some countries are truly sweltering in August, so unless you enjoy the heat, consider avoiding places such as the Middle East, North Africa, New York and Los Angeles. The Caribbean and Central America are still in the middle of the hurricane and rainy seasons, with much of Asia also experiencing monsoon season.