Honeymoon Destinations In February

Ski Lift

Honeymooning in February, St Valentine’s month, offers couples a huge variety of destinations to choose from. The Northern hemisphere is still wintry, with lots of opportunities for skiing or city breaks followed by a romantic cosy cuddle in front of a warm fire. The Southern hemisphere offers an escape from the chill, with warm summer sunshine in many countries creating perfect honeymoons on the beach or safari. Here are just a few of the many possible destinations.

Winter wonderland in the Northern hemisphere

January saw most of the Northern hemisphere in the depths of winter, but during February the weather will begin to brighten up a little. This makes February a great month for skiing or winter city breaks.

Examples of skiing resorts would be Zermatt in Switzerland, or any of the amazing ski resorts that Canada has to offer.

For winter city breaks, consider Bruges, where you can experience the cultural highlights of this famous Belgian city and, of course, warm up with some authentic Belgian hot chocolate! Cities such as Florence, Siena and Rome are steeped in innate romance whatever the time of year, and February is no exception.

Summer sun in the Southern hemisphere

During February, countries such as Asia (south and south-east especially), North Africa and the Middle East are still experiencing their dry season, but without the roaring temperatures that are to come in following months.

Dubai is the quintessential city shopping break, either as a complete honeymoon or as a stopover on route to other destinations such as southern Africa, Australasia and southeast Asia.

South-east Asia, for example Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, offer the relaxation of sunny warm beaches as well as a rich local cultures.

Sydney Harbour Panorama

Australia’s summer time continues into February, and what an incredible country to choose for a honeymoon – explore cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, visit islands, reefs and rainforests, or take time out to visit the island of Tasmania. You will also be spoilt for choice if you visit India, where the summer season is just starting but temperatures are bearable, and activities ranging from exquisite beaches in Goa to the cultural highlights of Rajasthan.

Safari honeymoons are ideal in the month of February. For example, Kenya or Costa Rica offer amazing animal spotting opportunities, with leatherback turtles visiting Costa Rica towards the end of the month.

The Caribbean, as in January, is still an ideal choice of destination in February, where it is still peak season but locations such as the Dominican Republic are still affordable for those on a budget. Hawaii offers Pacific sunshine and romance, where you can discover a new romantic island every day. Palm Beach offers almost 50 miles of sandy beaches and luxurious honeymoon hotels.