Honeymoon Destinations in September

Seasons are changing across the world in September, so you can choose your perfect honeymoon, anything from hot, sultry beach days through to fresh Autumnal city breaks. Here is just a tiny selection of the amazing choices the world offers honeymooners in September.

Northern Hemisphere – Summer into Autumn

Rome, ItalyEuropean honeymoons in September will be cooler, but still with warm weather perfect for city exploration and beach relaxation alike. Resorts will be much quieter, as the children head back to school after the summer holidays. Investigate honeymoons in Greece, Spain, Italy or the UK for a delightful, interesting and romantic honeymoon break.

Further afield, Thailand in the Far East is an excellent (and cheap) honeymoon in September. Although it is still the rainy season, you will most likely only experience short afternoon showers – which can actually be rather pleasant after a hot day! Explore Bangkok, traditional hill tribes, street markets, local culture, lush mountainous scenery as well as the southern coastal resorts and island with stunning beaches and water sports.

Southern Hemisphere – Winter into Spring

With slightly cooler weather than the Northern Hemisphere, and much of the tropics still in hurricane and monsoon season, the Southern hemisphere is also a beautiful place to honeymoon as the Spring arrives.

Botswana is home to one of the world’s largest inland water systems, the Okavango Delta, and is one of Southern Africa’s top safari destinations. September is right in the middle of the prime times for game viewing in South Africa, and also catches the end of the wildebeest migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara (often described as the 8th wonder of the world) for another fantastic safari honeymoon.

Tropical island, Fiji

The South Pacific offers honeymooners a heavenly beach honeymoon, with literally hundreds of islands in locations such as Fiji and Tahiti postcard perfect with world class luxury resorts surrounded by palm lined sandy beaches, tropical seas and lush jungle vegetation. Mauritius is a pleasant 18-24C in September, lying in the beautiful Indian Ocean and boasting ample opportunity for romantic and idyllic honeymoons.

Northern Australia, including Queensland and the Northern Territory is perfect in September, with the south of the country also emerging from winter with plenty of opportunities for honeymooners.

Not the Best Time to Visit

Hurricanes may threaten Florida, the Eastern seaboard, the Western Caribbean, and Mexico’s Gulf Coast.