Honeymoon Destinations in June

UK Honeymoons

June in the UK is almost perfect – the weather is usually lovely, and you can choose a honeymoon near sandy beaches, rustic countryside or a modern city location, all within easy reach of each other. A few suggestions would include the historic city of Bath, beautiful beaches of Cornwall, stunning castles and countryside in Wales or the historic and cultural Scottish city of Edinburgh.

Short Haul

Europe in June is delightful, with plenty of long warm, sunny days and a huge choice of place to visit. Options include Spain, the Dalmation coast of Croatia, the Greek islands, the Italian Almalfi coast, Mallorca or beautiful Corsica.

Couple on beach with snorkel equipment

The turquoise waters of Sardinia are clear and perfect for snorkelling or diving in June, and the coastal areas of Turkey are basking in the early summer sunshine but still off peak and relatively quiet.

Long Haul

Although most of Asia is experiencing the rainy season, Borneo, Malaysia and Bali are the exceptions, boasting stunning natural beauty ranging from rainforests to island paradises. Kenya is still offering off peak prices but the countryside is lush and green. Travel between South Africa and Mauritius to combine both beach and adventure safari, or fly to the Caribbean to enjoy the fine weather before the crowds arrive. Dance the night away to the Latin American Cuban rhythms whilst enjoying beaches and local culture during the day. America also has so much to offer in June, from Florida’s Palm Beach to the natural wonders of California.

Something different?

Travel to Iceland in June to see the amazing midnight sun, or to Vanatu in the South Pacific to see volcanos and ride horses along the beach. Travel to Peru to walk the Inca Trail (remembering that the evenings will be cooler at this time of year). A once in a lifetime trip to the incredible Galapagos islands would make a honeymoon that you will be telling your grandchildren about!


Much of Asia will be experiencing sweltering weather, with the south and southeast in monsoon season.